Inaugural oven firing a success!

Despite a lengthy process lighting the oven, we had a great pizza party down at the ¬†People’s Community Garden on Friday evening. People brought their toppings and enjoyed adding them to the dough, kindly made for us in advance by K Bar¬†in Ipswich. We declared mozzarella a wildcard for the evening and enjoyed lots of cheesy delights!

The pizzas were not quite the “cook in 3 minutes” variety we hoped for, but after giving each 15 minutes each we cooked them all eventually and had some lovely fresh salads to go with them. Susannah from the community garden picked some of their fresh basil to go on top, which smelled delicious. Here’s some photos of the results!

Rolling bases and adding toppings

First pizza goes in!

And finally they start coming out!

Happy attendees getting stuck in.

Thanks to everyone who came to enjoy some local pizzas, and to everyone who helped build the oven last weekend. Here’s to many more uses for local pizzas and bread in the future!

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