A busy start to the year… workshops, blogs and more research!

Happy February everyone!

Garden Share Flipchart ideas

We had a fantastic Community Resilience Workshop last month, with over 40 people attending to discuss future Transition initiatives and build on existing projects, including the next local food challenge. The brief outputs of the workshop are on the Transition Ipswich website, here.

Aside from themes based loosely on sustainable transport, energy and livelihoods, there was also a discussion group interested in garden sharing and linking up experienced growers with new ones, to help make use of unused gardens and public spaces. There are lots of ideas to take forward to help more people produce local food in 2013! There are also plans forming to think about how we want to run the 30 Mile Food Challenge this September.

What else have we been up to? Lucy has written a great review piece for the Transition Network website as a guest blogger. To remind you how great the food challenge was in 2012 have a read of it, here!

Kirsty has been updating a local food directory – which has been copied on to the Producers page. Have a look and see which producers are churning out local food that you weren’t already aware of. It’s surprising how many have sprung up or expanded since we produced our mini-directory last September. We’ll be updating our Producers and Retailers maps in the coming weeks too so get in touch if you’re a producer and want to be included.

There is also some exciting research ramping up a gear at Essex University on local food systems. Our long-standing Transitioner Dave has recently started his PhD within a research team there, watch this space for more. We hope this academic research will soon start to illustrate the evidence of all the health and wellbeing benefits that local food can bring. More information is here, or contact us and Dave can tell you all about his work.

If you’d like to help organise the 30 Mile Challenge with us this year, do get in touch, we’d love to have you onboard! Onwards and upwards; Spring’s just around the corner!


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