We’ve updated our maps, hurrah!

It’s been a long night – but at last, we have an updated map of over 100 of our local producers in Suffolk! From garden gates to large farms, we hope you’ll find something wonderful near you. Check our our Producers map below – more info on how to use it is on our Producers Page.

We have also now updated our list of retailers around the county – 140 and counting – who sell local food. Check out the map to help you streamline your local food shopping using your nearest outlets. Enjoy your weekly shop!

Finally we have done a quick update of our map of restaurants, cafes and pubs who serve local food on their menu. We’ve found nearly 60 already but we’re keen to find more – do let us know if your local supports local producers by serving up their food. Thanks all, and happy browsing. Here’s to more new discoveries and more variety for the last few weeks of the challenge!

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  1. Janet says:

    You should definitely add the Organic cafe and food shop in Fornham just outside Bury St Edmunds.

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