Eating out

The challenge is a fun way to get to know local producers and retailers, but let’s not forget about the cafes, pubs and restaurants serving local food and drink, many of which support local producers in Suffolk.

We hope to make links with the establishments who do support local producers, so we can help showcase this, and bring in customers for them who want to eat local food.

We have started a mapping exercise of places where you may like to eat out during the challenge, some of which we hope will support the challenge in September 2013 by putting 30 mile meals on their menus.

Check out what we’ve found out so far! If you have a regular restaurant you know serves local produce, or you are inspired to ask your local pub of cafe where their food comes from, let us know about them and we’ll add them to our map. To access the interactive map, click on the image below. This will bring up the map and an alphabetical list below it of all of the pubs, restaurants and cafes below it.

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  1. Could you add these to the list please,

    The Secret Garden, 31 Friars Street, Sudbury, CO10 2AA
    (use as much local produce as possible)

    Spencers Farm Cafe, Wickham St Paul, Essex CO9 2PX / (Produce made on site much from home grown fruit and veg etc)

    Greenstead Green Farm Shop Cafe, Greenstead Green, Essex CO9 1QY (Bread etc baked on site food produced inhouse or locally as possibly)

    • Kirsty says:

      Hello, we’ll add them asap – producers and retailers have taken priority a bit at the moment but we’ll be updating the eating our map this week too. Thanks for the input 🙂

  2. John Norton says:

    Edwardstone White Horse Inn – Cider & Perry Festival 26th Oct- 4th Nov.
    We are trying to focus attention on Ciders & Perries which have been a forgotten but important part of our English heritage, it is really English wine and was regarded as such in medieval England, in those days there were many disagreements about what was superior English wine made from apples or French wine made from grapes. Two or three hundred years ago cider began to be regarded as a longer drink with less alcohol than wine, it seems this came about by cider makers using water to wash more of the sugars and flavours out of the ‘cheese’ resulting in a variable reduction in alcohol levels in cider. These days there has been a resurgent’s of undiluted( strong) ciders & perries and an explosion of fruit, herb and spiced ciders which interestingly do have a historic precedent, the addition of various herbs and spices were made for their medicinal benefits, autumn fruits would almost certainly have been added as well to improve flavour. It is also easy for us these days to forget that our ancestors needed to find any way of preserving fruits for consumption in the winter, both cider, perry and beer were important sources of nutrition.
    We have at this festival ciders with Elderflowers, Blackberry, Plumbs, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves and Rosehip used in them.
    There will be bands on both Saturdays but we also are keen to encourage any Folk musicians who feel like coming along and expressing and enjoying the bounty and flavour of the season in music, to make contact with us.
    During the nine days of the festival the pubs food will be all cooked from scratch as usual but we will also be sourcing seasonal food from within a 30 mile radius and focusing on apple & pear recipes
    I hope this is of intetrest to you, it was you who inspired us to do the 30 mile radius menu.
    Would you circulate this to anybody you think may be interested please.
    We would also be happy to give you a tour round our Eco brewery ‘Mill Green Brewery’ if you can get a few interested people together.
    Many thanks.
    John Norton
    01787210759 / 07802889901

    • Kirsty says:

      Hello John,
      Sorry we were a bit slow of the mark promoting you last year. I’m pleased to say we have added you to our Producers map for 2013, so I hope some more people will be tasting your fine ales this year. Your eco brewery looks fantastic. I’d love to have a visit. Perhaps some others at Transition Ipswich would like to join me on a tour, I’ll ask them and get back to you. All the best for now!

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