Below are some yummy recipes here to help inspire you to cook meals with local ingredients. We have omnivores, vegetarians and vegans taking part in the challenge so there’ll be something to suit everyone here soon.

Some of the best we have found so far using seasonal vegetables are on the Maple Farm website, a local producer right here in Kelsale. Have a browse of their archive here.

Alternatively, Riverford, who supply veg boxes nationwide, also have a good selection of recipes designed for their customers. You can browse by vegetable, and by category. Have a look at their website here.

Some of our ‘Cook Local’ session recipes made in 2012

Barlotti bean barlotto – this is a local take on a tradition Arborio risotto, using pearl barley. Pearl barley is grown in Suffolk, although still hard to find sold here, lots on sale is imported. We hope this will change! We used a very hearty barlotti bean for the main protein, grown right here in Newbourne.

Butternut squash, pepper and potato curry – this uses local squash, and can also use other types of squash and different colours of peppers; whatever you can find will do! Local potatoes will bulk it out, allowing you to avoid the usual imported rice accompaniment!

Creamy Mushroom Ragout with Nutmeg Potato Mash – this delicious recipe showcases Trimley mushrooms, available in lots of outlets in and around Ipswich. Marybelle Dairy’s cream gives the sauce a rich creamy consistency, whilst local greens give it a fresh topping.

Beef Olives – a bit of a fiddle to make but really delicious. We used Lux Farm beef and bacon.  Here is what they looked like as we were making them

Beef olives in the making

And this is how we served them – in the sauce they were cooked and with local fresh veg:


Meat Balls: We made these delicious little meatballs from beef mince from Lux Farm and served them with:

Fresh tomato sauce:  the basis of lots of dishes, especially pasta. Local grown tomatoes are plentiful on September. It’s well worth skinning the tomatoes and cooking slowly for long enough to reduce it and intensify the flavour.

Pigeon Breast Salad:  this makes a delicious starter or light lunch – serve with bread to wipe up the juice left on your plate! We got the meaty pigeon breasts from The Wild Meat Company

Rabbit and Apple Casserole: made with diced rabbit meat from The Wild Meat Company, local cooking apples and onions and Aspall Cider. Even the people who ‘don’t like rabbit’ liked this.  It tasted like meaty chicken

Pears in Cider: A simple way to make the most of  local pears, especially the hard ones that seem like they will never get ripe! Good for preparing in advance.

Blackberry and Apple Pie:  We cooked this magnificent pie for dessert on the last Cook Local evening in 2012, made from hedgerow blackberries and local cooking apples. The butter for the pastry came from Domini Dairy, for which we had to make a special trip to N Suffolk to collect, though it is also available at the Saturday Farmers Market at Wyken Vioneyards, Stanton, nr Ixworth. As you can see it was decorated appropriately!


Other local ingredients we’ve tried out in recipes

Suffolk fava bean burgers – these bean are grown in Norfolk and Suffolk farms, but due to lack of local demand are usually exported to North Africa. The Great British Bean project (now know as Hodmedods – see their website) is trying to remedy this by packing and distributing the beans to local outlets. They are also available mail order.

Other meal ideas:

Sausages with local fresh veg:  Other variations could be lambs liver & bacon, or eggs

Onion, carrot and courgette soup

Marrow, onion & potato soup

Tomato, onion, garlic, courgette & red pepper soup

Omelette with fresh tomatoes, herbs and Suffolk Chorizo

Stewed damsons

Egg mayonnaise sandwich

Made with Hill Farm Mayonnaise and garnished with local salad leaves

Mixed Veg stir-fry with side order of fried potatoes

Stir-fry with pork, green beans and potatoes

Sir-fry with pork, onions and courgettes

Pasta with courgettes, chard, Marybelle creme fraiche and local salad

Vegetable bake: Green beans and courgettes topped with fresh tomato sauce and cheese



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