Halesworth in Transition

Halesworth in Transition, known as HinT, began a few years ago and our events have been widely appreciated in our local area. You may have seen us in Halesworth’s Thoroughfare on a Saturday offering free smoothies whipped up using bicycle power, handing out upcycled cloth shopping bags craftily sewn on the spot using our manual sewing machine, or you may have visited our Watts from Where green energy event in 2011.

Last September a fair number of us committed to the 30 mile local food challenge. Some of the things we got up to can be found Here.

This year we’ve joined forces with other local transition groups, giving you access to a wider range of events during local food challenge month. If you’re thinking of travelling to an event, why not car share with other “transitioners”. Come and meet us at the Halesworth Farmers Market on 14th September, where you can pick up a free copy of the second edition of our Halesworth local food directory and calendars and stickers for children. Free entry in our raffle could win you a hamper of local produce. Plus we have an exhibition focussing on peak oil and sustainable living. You’ll find this upstairs at Halesworth Library from 5th to 30th September. 

Join us at the end of the month (Friday the 27th, starting at 7.30pm) for a celebratory local meal. Please bring a dish or other fresh local produce to share. See the Events page for more details.

We look forward to meeting you.

Thirty mile radius from Halesworth Town centre



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